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: Text/Traum Experimente

von: Mars

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Prompt: an astronomical observatory with a long scope on a hill over the clouds, a city in the valley connected to the sea, a historic sailboat with flower flag entering the busy city harbour through fog. milky way with many stars and planets over the clouds during sunset, faint nebula and galaxies, surrealistic Hieronymus Bosch - Salvador Dali style

Erstellt am Freitag, 27. Januar 2023, 21:58 Uhr.
Geupdated am Sonntag, 05. Februar 2023, 00:17 Uhr.
Gepostet in Clubatmo - - - DeepDreams.

Mars 2023-02-05 00:17

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Mars 2023-02-01 22:29

prompt: people make wonderful things with computers, neo rauch style

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Mars 2023-01-30 13:26

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Mars 2023-01-30 13:26

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